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Three Rivers / Three Tours of Historical Sites

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Message From WCSA President

The 1997 Working Class Studies Association conference in Youngstown was where I met the late great novelist Tillie Olsen and became committed to this organization and its meetings. Her infectious enthusiasm for the event, an ease and generosity that made Tillie literally embrace almost all of the very different people whom she met there, was not a product of loving anything as simple and potentially arid as academic interdisciplinarity. And yet it was in part the conference’s spectacular reach across disciplines, and beyond them into social struggles, that must have appealed to Olsen. Passionately curious about the histories and best practices of struggles against class, gender and racial oppression, she shared a featured spot in the conference with a wonderful, then-new film on Black steelworkers, Struggles in Steel, and with steelworkers themselves. Watching that film and especially as I watched Olsen, I became hooked on attending the conference regularly. Poetry, contemporary labor battles, the environment, argument, remembrance, education, music, media, politics and even humor have become as central to WCSA meetings as they are to working class life itself. I can count on seeing lots of familiar faces at the 2009 Pittsburgh conference and look forward to seeing many new ones. You won’t attend only once. There is nothing quite like it.

Dave Roediger

Thursday Cultural Event

A Hammer to Shape Reality

WPU Assembly Room
Thursday, June 4, 2009 8:00pm

Drama from Out of This Furnace (Andy Wolk’s adaptation of Thomas Bell’s novel, produced by thre Unseam’d Shakespeare Company) and Buried: the Sago Mine Disaster by Jerry Starr.
Music by Anne Feeney and Friends, produced by Marci Woodruff